Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet Market Los Angeles

Why is a restaurant has anything to do in a perfume and garden blog ? I guess they all have one thing in common, the wonderful smell !
Yesterday, I went to this newly opened Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet Market in downtown Los Angeles, with a suspicious mind. I want to go there because, first, the interior of the restaurant looks awesome, second, they sell the famous colorful little French cookies called macarons, other than that I have no idea. I decided to persuade my husband to give it a try or at least figure out why a seemingly very European gourmet restaurant doing in downtown Los Angeles. Little do we know, we were both very surprised in a good way !

The restaurant is more than just beautiful ! It could easily pass as a trendy cafe in Paris or fashionable restaurant in Milan. The decor is pure white with tufted black leather seats, Carrera marbles everywhere, antique wood tables and shining brass hardware. The ceiling is about three-story high, with beautiful moldings and motifs. The windows are huge, all the way from floor to ceiling. They cast cheerful morning lights into the dinning hall, truly a wonderful place for Sunday Brunch ! Due to the sheer volume of the space, and the placement of the tables, we feel totally comfortable even when the whole restaurant is fully occupied. Therefore, our first impression is "Good", at least the place looks fantastic ! A masterpiece combined both classic and modern architectural design.

Of course, I can't wait to check out the bakery counter, admiring the colorful rolls of bite size macarons and all other goodies. I was satisfied with the findings and happily followed the waiter to our table. We ordered some classic Italian dishes of Penne Pomodoro ( $8 ), Caprese Salad ($12), Tomato Bruschetta side order ( $7 ) and the Semi Freddo for dessert ( $7 ). Simply say, we are very very satisfied with all dishes ! The Pasta and Brushetta are especially good. The salad has really good Mozzarella cheese, but instead of using sliced tomato, they skinned and halved a large tomato then put on top of each slice of Mozzarella cheese, which seems very odd to me. But the dessert, recommended by our waitress is a total surprise. She told us Semi Freddo is like Tiramisu, but in fact it tastes like ice cream or some kind of frozen dessert which I can not explain, and it is much better than Tiramisu ! My husband is always skeptical about any new restaurant, but this time he agrees the restaurant is worth revisiting, despite the unfavorable location. He is already planning to bring friends to our new found favorite ! The service is impeccable, very warm, friendly and efficient. The General Manager is a handsome young guy who looks like James Bond, who stopped by our table to check on how we are doing. We can honestly say, this is one of the best dining experience we ever had. And we thought the prices are very reasonable with the high quality of the food. They even provide complementary premium sparking water !

At the end, I did purchase a full box of macarons to take home. It is a disappointment ! The macarons are too dry and crispy not rich and chewy enough, not much flavor either except sugary. But, still, I love the colors, the pink box and the ribbons, what can I say, I am addicted to all things girly ! It is great that Los Angeles finally have something resemble to Fauchon in Paris. What a wonderful way to celebrate 4th of July ! Can't wait to go back soon !

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